Day 27 – Rome

First thing I did today was walk to a new hostel, since the one I stayed at was full. The rest of the day was filled with seeing the ruins of Ancient Rome, mostly. This included The Colosseum (not inside), Circus Maximus, Roman Forum, The Capitoline Museums, four Egyptian obelisks (I believe there are more in this city than in all of Egypt), famous stairs and fountains, Mausoleo Augusto, Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale, Domus Aurea (not inside), San Pietro in Vincoli (church). In between I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant next door to the hostel. I did a lot of walking, so got pretty tired out.

2 replies on “Day 27 – Rome”

  1. Really enjoying your blog and your travels – have taken many of the routes you are taking during my extensive years of travel. I am your step-mother’s first cousin so we keep in touch and she told me about your blog.

    Will you be traveling to the former Yugoslavia? The Dubrovnik and the entire Dalmatian coastline is a very very beautiful part of the world – don’t miss it if you have the opportunity.

    Bob near Ottawa

  2. My RailPass doesn’t cover those countries, so probably not. I’ll keep it in mind, good suggestion!

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