Day 42 – Austria

My traveling is full speed ahead right now. Today was spent entirely in the capital of and the largest city in Austria: Vienna (or in German: Wien). Today is a holiday so there was a noted absence of cars on the roads. I basically walked around the city and there are a lot of grand buildings and parks. Later in the afternoon it started raining, so the rest of the day is catching up on some business. I have wireless for the first time in a few days. Just staying at this hostel is pretty nice since they have lots of couches and a garden. There’s a piano and a guitar here and people are playing them.

I’ve created a map of my path through Europe. There’s a break in the line where I traveled by air. If you look on the map, the next stop is Budapest, Hungary. I’m planning on taking a train there tomorrow. So my pace is almost one country per day right now, at least for the small ones.

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  1. Nice trip Lon, if you have a chance before visiting Prague go to my PBase website to see some pics where I was stationed during the Velvet Revolution in 1990 – .

    I was in CZ while the Soviet Army still occupied the country and watched them pull out several months later – I was employed by the CZ govt in Kosice Slovakia near the Hungarian border in the eastern most part of Slovakia near Ukraine.

    I’m still in the process of scanning a multitude of slides from that period – before the advent of digital cams.

    Bob Baillargeon

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