Day 49 – Berlin / Dresden / Prague

I checked out of my hostel in Berlin and then headed over to a restaurant I noticed the day before. It was a Korean restaurant with a $9 lunch buffet, which was pretty good. They started at 12 noon, but I had a train to catch at 12:46PM. It was kind of a rush to eat, run to the nearest train station, commute to the main train station and then board. Good thing the train came at about 12:48 or 12:49 or else I would have missed it.

After two hours, I made a stop in Dresden, Germany. I walked around the city for an hour or so and noticed a lot of the stones in the old buildings are black. I wonder if that is from the bombing and fires when the city was destroyed in WWII. Back on the train again.

Another two hours or so brought me to Prague, Czech Republic. Another new country, language, and currency. I’ll explore the city tomorrow.

One reply on “Day 49 – Berlin / Dresden / Prague”

  1. Lon just to let you know I read your travels Daily and eagerly look forward
    to your daily adventures.
    Just one question, larry told me that your I POD was lost.
    It is also removed from your inventory.
    Why dont you get a replacement…………….just wondering.

    Keep the stories coming.
    You should write a book when you get back.
    Good Luck Eddie

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