Day 65 – Finland

I had high expectations for the Silja Line cruise ship, but it didn’t seem too great for me at least. If you have a cabin, it is fine, but if you’re just on the deck like me there isn’t too much seating. Then they close off different parts of the ship at certain times of the night eliminating more seats and space. They had an area with live music, closed at 2AM. Then they had a dance club, closed at 3AM. In the end there was just a tiny room with a few airplane style chairs and a handful of people in sleeping bags on the floor. I didn’t have a sleeping bag, so I just sat in the chair and got maybe 1 or 2 hours of sleep. I wasn’t expecting to get any, actually. But that’s why I’m doing this trip at 25 years old instead of 75.

I didn’t try going to sleep early because it just didn’t get dark outside. It was like a continuous sunset, the horizon was red all night. The cruise was pretty neat because there were islands all most the entire way. I must have seen hundreds go by, many with cottages along the shores.

I arrived in Turku, Finland on time. Turku is the old capital of Finland (before Helsinki). There is a medieval castle there that I walked around first near the ferry docks. Then I went to the center of the city and walked around a bit. Being an old city, there isn’t too much that looks old though. After two hours total, I boarded my next train for Helsinki.

I had an hour free in Helsinki, walked over to spy on a computer game developer called Recoil Games followed by the largest Lutheran Cathedral in Finland. Then Kirsi picked me up and we drove to the Sibelius Monument for some photos. Finally, back to her home in Espoo. I was able to get a family photo with Kirsi and her three kids: Kaisa, Kalle, and Kosti.

 I was able to borrow a bike and ride for the first time in months.  It was great, wide paths, bike lanes everywhere, trails cutting shortcuts through the streets. Then Kalle, 18, his friend, and I went to a nearby beach and then visited another computer game developer office, Remedy Entertainment.

Now I’m going to finish off the day with a Sauna and sausages. This one is inside the house and wood burning.

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  1. Allo Lon, Happi Late Juhannus, Thanks for answering a question I have long wondered about. Does it appear like a sunset all night since sun is close to horizon line all night? Glad you are being so adventurous and learning about so many places. Looking forward to looking at your photos. Aunt Helen is back in Michigan now, so I told her to have Ron help her look at your web site when she has some time. My friend looked at your web site on Juhannus because my computer crashed. He said you had excellent details about your shots except what the subject itself was. Hope you stay healthy and you continue safely on your travels. I do miss a real sauna. Your long distant Aunt, Marlina FYI: Kimi Reikkainen won the French Grand Prix today – Formula One with Ferrari

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