Day 20 – Madrid / Seville

After sleeping in, my host Noel and I went out to eat a local specialty: Chocolate y Churros.
Then I walked around Madrid a bit more and came across a government or military band playing the 1812 Overture outside, which was a nice surprise. Then I visited Museo del Prado before disembarking on my high-speed train to Seville.

I rode on the nicest train I’ve seen so far. They even have a movie playing during the ride and classical music playing before the train starts moving. About 2.5h later, I am in southern Spain in a city called Seville. It is older and more confusing than Madrid. I imagine this is how it feels to be dropped off in the middle of a town in Mexico. Even though I took a bus which dropped me off within a block from my hostel, it took me a half hour to find it. The signs were so small anyone could have missed it. But inside it is nice and new except no hot water so far.