Thailand and Malaysia Notes

Malaysia Notes

The bus stations have made some great improvements in the years since I got my wallet stolen at one in Kuala Lumpur a few years ago. The new station called Terminal Bersepadu Selatan is the best bus station I’ve seen. It is designed like an airport. Separate areas for departures and arrivals, clean and modern, and connections to all the important transit lines.

I noticed quite a few blind people in the area I was staying in and I noticed them outside crossing streets alone. I realized I’ve never seen this in China because I think they would be murdered quickly by a Chinese driver.

One man who looked like he was of Indian decent in Kuala Lumpur told me he hates Obama after I told him I was from America. I asked him why. He said it was better in the days of Bush and Cheney since they started wars. He wishes someone would start a war with Iran. Not often I hear people around the world critical of the US for not dropping enough bombs on foreign countries.

I visited two old cities in Malaysia. One was Georgetown (on the island of Penang). The town is a former British colony and is supposed to have the best food in the country. The other was Malacca, which has a history going back to the famous Chinese admiral Zheng He who used this port 600 years ago with his massive fleets of hundreds of ships.

Price of gas in Malaysia: 95 Octane = $2.34/gal (Recorded by me on March 26, 2012)

Thailand Notes

The Mo Chit Mai bus station in Bangkok was interesting. There were over 100 ticket sellers and none had any English signs. I guess this is why most people go through a travel agency. But I had to get some help from a school teacher to be able to get a ticket. I ended up getting on a first class bus. This bus had everything. A lot of room, a touch screen entertainment center with a lot of Nicolas Cage films, some food and drink, a Sega Master System emulator built into a game controller with about 15 games, an electrical outlet, and a simple massage seat.

In Bangkok, I found a guesthouse near the subway line. For a city of 8 million people, I’ve never seen a subway so empty. It is a nice modern system so maybe after the next extension there will be more passengers.

I’ve noticed Thais do not like bicycles or any electric scooters. I haven’t seen any stores selling them and see very few people using them. What they do like are two cycle gasoline motorcycles. These loud, dirty bikes are everywhere and it makes sleeping a little difficult.

I think it was a mistake to go to Thailand in March because March/April is the hottest time of year. It was an experience without air conditioning. I felt like I was dying or at least like having a fever constantly.

Price of has in Thailand: 95 Octane = $5.00/gal (Recorded by me on March 19, 2012)