Day 16 – Paris

Today I visited the Paris Opera House, but just the outside. It is famous for being the setting of The Phantom of the Opera. Then I walked down the street and found another Egyptian obelisk (on that theme, this is the 3rd one I’ve seen so far on my trip). Finally, I went to Chateau de Versailles which is a former king’s palace and garden. The line to get in was the longest I’ve seen so far, must be the security slowing everything down. So I skipped the inside and just walked around the gardens which at one point literally one mile long with the highest hedges I’ve seen.

I’m at the train station waiting for the train right now. Going to be on a train for 19 or 20 hours, something like that. Then I’m going to get another time zone change soon, so only 5 hours ahead of Eastern for a little while.