Day 17 – Lisbon

To get from Paris to Lisbon it takes two trains. One high-speed to Irun, France (almost 6 hours). Then switch over to a sleeping train, which is called the Sud Express. I stayed in a Couchette with five other people on these basic beds (almost 14 hours). Too bad my laptop battery doesn’t last quite this long, I need to get a backup book for this kind of thing.

I haven’t been to a restaurant in a few days. So I asked the hostel staff for a restaurant recommendation and they said this place called É o Nosso Espaço, just up the road. For $8 they gave me a nice selection of healthy food, which I think I needed.

Later I went to the Belam district of the city. They have a near copy of the Golden Gate Bridge here. I saw some monuments and visited the Maritime Museum. Even later, I helped the hostel own fix the wireless on his laptop.