Day 18 – Lisbon

Today I walked up a nearby hill to Castelo De São Jorge where I had the best views of the city and was able walk through a very old castle. Then I headed out on a day trip to Sintra which is a scenic, historic town. I followed this path up a hill through the woods and made it to Castelo dos Mouros. Another castle! But I didn’t go through the gate since I didn’t want to pay for two castles in one day. Getting cold and windy today and I probably haven’t seen it very cold since Boston. But nice to have a break from the warm weather too.

Back to downtown Lisbon, I went to an $8 buffet that I found (first since London). Except I got there at 4:30 and they close at 4:30, but they said I have 15 minutes to eat. So I grabbed some food and hurried. I couldn’t go back for more since they took away all the food. By the way, it appears they will charge you for water. They bring out a bottle if you say water, but good thing I brought my own (which I keep refilling at the tap).

This is the last day in Portugal and Spain is next after an overnight train. I’m finding myself falling behind in my trip planning. I need to be reserving rooms and seats on trains a few days earlier. For example, all the hostels in Madrid are full tomorrow night.

As far as languages, I’ve gone through French, Portuguese, and tomorrow Spanish. But I’m getting by because I’m not asking for help too much. I’m able to figure out where to go with maps on walls and signs. But for Portugal, I have no guidebook, phrasebook, map or anything to carry around with me. I’ll find out what I can on the computer and then take a few notes.