Orissa, India

The Puri Express train was pretty good. It had some electricity near my berth so I could use my computer. Puri is a small town near the ocean and it was a little quieter and relaxed than some of the other places I’ve been to. I could only stay one night since I had another train ticket for the following day. There was one place I wanted to visit: The Sun Temple in Konark. It was an impressive sight. I talked to one family who was also visited. The father said he worked in Texas before but now he works in India. He says the company he works for does the billing software for AT&T landline customers. I didn’t know all of that was done in India! (photos)

It was back to Puri to walk around a bit until my train had to leave. I tried an Internet Cafe here, but they kept quoting a different price before and after I use the service. I didn’t pay the higher price, but these things get on my nerves and they happen often.

It was a long train ride (20 hours) to Nagpur in the state of Madhya Pradesh, but again not so bad because there was electricity on board. I could tell Nagpur was a little more modern because they had a road bridge that went over the railroad tracks. It was a little tricky to find the hotel I was looking for since Google Maps was giving me the wrong information and my guidebook and no map at all. But I found it anyway without any help. I just had to spend one night here and then get my fight out of India. The next day I had to take my last autorickshaw, thankfully, to the airport to leave. The customs officials at the airport gave me a hard time and asked me tons of questions because they never heard of the border city I arrived at from Nepal. They didn’t trust the stamp that said “India” on it in my passport. I did finally make it out of India on Air Arabia destined for the UAE.