Dubai, UAE

I had a 31 hour layover in Dubai on the way from India to Egypt. Even I arrived, the sun was setting. I decided ahead of time I’d spend the night in the Dubai airport, but I didn’t arrive at this airport. After many hours of research, I figured out how to take the bus from the small Sharjah airport to Dubai. I found something to eat on the way, a shawarma, which is a chicken sandwich. I headed to the newest airport terminal that opened in 2008 and found out they had free wireless internet there. Pretty nice. According to Wikipedia, Terminal 3 has the largest floor space of any building in the world. So I sat on a chair all night long and didn’t really sleep.

In the morning time, I took the new metro system that opened in September 2009. The stations were some of the nicest looking I’ve seen in the world. I had to wait all day for my plane, so I went to the Dubai City Centre mall. I tried to find a place to leave my bag, but they wouldn’t let me, so I left. Back on the metro, I went to the Mall of the Emirates. On the way, the metro passed Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. At the mall, I was able to drop off my bag at Carrefour supermarket and buy some donuts and bread there. This mall is famous for having an indoor ski slope. After a few hours, I went on the metro again to the end of the line, past Internet City, and past all of the new construction, which rivals the construction boom in China.

Before going to the airport, I had a hamburger since those were not easy to find in the past month. It has been a nice change using some transportation here that doesn’t break your back or allows you to breathe.

The sun was setting again, so I made it back to the Sharjah airport, which was must more crowded. I sat on the floor and waited for my flight. Unfortunately, it was delayed to the early morning hours. It looked like I would have another night without a bed. (photos)